Justin & AlishaAustin, Texas


When I stumbled into Dana Point Tattoo, I never thought it would end with me shooting a wedding in Austin, Texas. I was getting my first tattoo ever and became friends tattooer Justin. When he learned I was a photographer, we started doing trade work for each other. I’d help out with the shop’s website, take some photos, and in return I’d get some free ink. So one tattoo quickly, and I mean in a matter of a few months, became a sleeve on my right arm. During my sessions we became friends. We are both really big nerds so we talked about video games, anime, art and everything in between. One day he told me he got engaged, and soon after that, asked me to shoot the wedding… It was going to be in Alisha’s homestate of Texas. So, I got on a plane to Austin.

I spent a week in the city before the wedding. I engorged myself with the best BBQ, queso, and booze I’ve ever had. At the end of the week, I headed out to a ranch in The Middle Of Nowhere, TX. I wasn’t able to rent a car, so I ended up UBERING 2 hours outside of Austin! That ride was a 5/5 with my girl Latichia. To this day, I feel pretty horrible having her do that ride, but we did have a killer time belting out power ballads to Beyonce and Adele. Eventually after being lost without service or GPS, we finally made it to Moon River Ranch.

This place was GINORMOUS and beautiful. Immediately inspired, I found Justin and wanted to start shooting like crazy. But before I could do that that, he made sure to shove a “kolach” down my throat, which is some form of puff pastry stuffed with meat and cheese… and I’m glad he did — it was delicious. I spent the rest of the day hanging out with Justin, Alisha, and their closest people. It was filled with a ton of laughs, joyful tears, delicious foods, lots of whiskey, and most importantly, a beautiful celebration of love.