HEY THERE, I’m Dillon. Thanks for dropping by!

I am a photographer, yes. Before that though, I am a curious laid-back 20-something, that loves to explore and observe.

I spent a year sauntering around the world by myself, staying curious and being inspired by so many different people, places, and rich cultures. I had my fair share of crazy nights, near-death motorbike accidents, quiet hikes up large mountain tops, and wonderful meals with strangers that have felt like I’ve known them forever. My travels created an even deeper appreciation for the world and it’s stories. It made me a constant student, and grew in me, a deep sense of wonder for life. Ultimately, I think it made me a better person and photographer. It’s helped me connect to others in a way that is more uninhibited. I think, it shows not only in my character, but my in my work too.

I’ve learned to listen to the stories presented to me, while partnering with people to bring them to life. I’m excited for the opportunity to do the same with you.

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